Essential criteria for choosing a worksite alarm

Incidents can happen fast, and a worksite alarm is without a doubt the most effective method for protecting against theft, accidents, and damage. It’s therefore essential to choose one that meets your needs and expectations.

Why install a worksite alarm?

In Canada, theft of materials and damage to equipment are affecting more and more companies, who find themselves powerless against this phenomenon. For them, losses and damages represent significant amounts of money. To combat this scourge, various methods can be implemented to secure your business.

A professional can be hired to monitor your site or building day and night. This surveillance system is certainly effective, but you can also opt for a less costly solution. A worksite alarm is an excellent way to deal with these problems. With a good security system, you’re twice as likely to scare off burglars.

Criteria for choosing a worksite alarm

Different devices can be installed to protect your worksite. The most effective one remains the worksite alarm, which guarantees coverage over a large perimeter. Protecting people, equipment, and buildings with a worksite alarm means that everything is safe! When choosing your alarm, different criteria should be considered: 

Proxipi technology

On a worksite, or in any environment related to public works, accidents and collisions (between people and machines) are a permanent risk. The solutions offered by Proxipi help prevent all types of incidents on all worksites. Proxipi also offers security systems that ensure the verification of each access to the closed site.

The experts at Proxipi also offer detection using magnetic fields. This technology guarantees maximum security. For example, when a forklift is approaching a pedestrian, the Proxipi antenna generates a magnetic field bubble around the forklift coming into contact with the pedestrian’s magnetic marker. This warning device therefore helps prevent collisions.

Proxipi protection systems have been developed to meet the needs of different fields: public works and supply chain. To meet the expectations of each professional and strengthen the security of each business, Proxipi has developed various kits.

For supply chain:

For public works: 

The benefits of worksite alarms

Economic benefit

Purchasing a worksite alarm is less expensive than hiring a security guard. In addition, a worksite alarm achieves the same goal as a professional: foolproof surveillance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Practical benefit

It can be installed quickly and suits your needs and expectations.

Technological benefit


Proxipi pours all its talent into designing its security systems. Its technology ensures optimal protection: detection at any point in space, no harmful impact on people, and penetration of metal and concrete.

A worksite alarm is a powerful security system suited to every professional activity. On worksites, installing an alarm is essential for preventing any incidents that may occur.

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