Plastic padlock

Your packages, your containers and your storage facilities are never safe from attempted theft or fraud. There are many specific measures designed to prevent and detect any offense. Security seals are today the safest and most practical ways to effectively solve this kind of problem. In this category, plastic locks are essential.

The principle of plastic padlocks

At first glance, they look like traditional security locks, but in smaller dimensions. The body is made of plastic, combined with a clasp of steel wire or plastic.

Concerning padlocks with wire clasps, a hook at their end prevents opening without piercing the body or damaging the device.

Those made entirely of plastic (polypropylene) can generally only be opened by cutting the clasp with a sharp object. Any manipulation is immediately detected.

Advantages of plastic padlocks

The first benefit of using plastic padlocks is to secure safely your belongings. While these are not ways to literally prevent theft – unlike metal padlocks – they are dissuasive measures.

Once installed on the door of your storage shed or container, the plastic padlock immediately indicates if there has been a violation.

Many models available at Secur-T

Secur-T offers you many security solutions for your goods. In the range of security seals, we offer many models of plastic locks adapted to your needs.

We offer the Split-Lok ™ plastic self-locking seal that indicates unauthorized tampering.

Enduro-Identa® Seal seals features an acrylic body and is distinguished by their longevity.

The plastic locks available at Secur-T cover a very wide scope of application, allowing you to authenticate your goods once you arrive at your destination by acting as a barcode.

For any questions, do not hesitate to ask the help of one of our experts and it will be our pleasure to help you.

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